Ripping Footnotes

The Curriculum of Insufficient Knowings

nomadic platform, workshop-series and space for artistic research
in collaboration with Dora Ramljak

Ripping Footnotes is a series of public space initiatives and platform for artistic research. A nomadic platform hosted by different spaces and organizations.

The workshop(s) become a space for mutual learning and decentralizing how institutional education is centred around hierarchy;
a learning from top-down shaped for able-bodied bodies.

A space where re-claiming individual bodies is possible, but only in the creation of a collective body.
A space for artistic research in its presence and after-digestion through dialogue.

The focus on re-sensing urban space becomes a method of deinstitutionalising care and learning in form of public drawing and sound workshops.
Each workshop is centered around listening as a method of caring and drawing as a method of slowing down.
At times, we invite guest artists to participate to share their practice and learn together.

The act of slowing down in urban landscapes is considered as regressive, dysfunctional, yet it is the act of listening to one‘s own body and understand its relation to an environment. Play contradicts the intention of functionality as it is often considered an intuitive action without purpose and so, play becomes a purposeful space for resistance to re-think learning as a fluid process without one fixed origin or end.

sound material from workshops held; an assemblage of those different realities and actions co-existing

sound material from workshop held

photographs by Dora Ramljak