currently based in the Hague

Raised between China and Denmark and languages of Mandarin, English and Danish, language has always been a territory of linguistic hierarchies to me and a medium of revealing cultural layers rather than just communication. 

As such, my work serves as a continuous auto-ethnographic research. A research of power structures through and with language. I am interested in how language is an ecosystem, when it is plastic, mutable and shaping bodies both ways. How language is a medium of revealing power. And where that leaves the speaking, listening, reading and writing body.

Currently I am researching how language is not fixed and how words are inherently violent when they include and exclude. Instead I aim to create work exploring alternative ways of languaging (looking upon meaning production as not fixed, but open-ended and process-oriented) and possible methods of coming together.
Believing that each individual is interconnected with influences outside of oneself, I collaborate with materials, spatial influences and people to create such work.

Each space is a space for non-linear research and an osmosis of knowledge, in which the aim is not to find one conditioned answer - only temporary unfixed ones.