<"(((<3 Wet words and Tinder bios <"(((<3

participatory performance with water, glass, hydrophones, looper and poetry
in collaboration with Loïs Soleil
about 35 min

The performance brings people together to extend the understanding of how love can be portrayed, putting care at the center of a multiplicity of relationship(s). 
Drawing from hydro feminist thinking as all bodies are bodies of water – both material and immaterial ones, a body of water gives to another. And in that sharing,
a question of care, responsibility and interdependence arises. Taking care beyond the relationship of human dating and extending care into another multiplicity of relationships. Sound emerges through touch and movement of the hydrophones, looper, and a poetry reading collecting Tinder bios, as a means of questioning the relationship between love, desire, dating and technology and denouncing everyday sexism online In the end, the participants are invited to destroy fragments of
our words by leaving them in the water to dissolve.

Text printed by Martin Lemaire.

the last three photographs by Matt Favero