All tongues are moving, but we don’t hear them all

performing time-specific sound installation

All tongues are moving, but we don’t hear them all. Some voices have a history of silence. Others seem to whisper in their presence,
when those we hear are those who yell the loudest – the ones already in power.  Who is heard and who is not is defining the hierarchy of power.
So, is the act of listening to silence the act of acknowledging the invisible? To materialize the invisible and amplify the voices of those who seem to whisper.
By looking at silence as a negative space, it becomes a void of possibility. A void for redefining society and its values.

  Words on [something-that-is-not-supposed-to-be-put-into-words] is a publication written alongside the process of making
Together the publication and installation explore silence as a space for resistance when language politicizes and marginalizes.
The work invites to listening; listening to a multiplicity of voices and influences come together, as sound is created by interrelations.

With material resembling skin in a metal pond transforming over time, ice is changed daily to melt. A sensor detects the water and together with hydrophones,
the transformation of water enables sound. As the water enters a dialogue with the surface and materiality, each day a different soundscape and surface image emerges.
Decaying to create anew.