site-specific performance and video installation
in collaboration with Ash Périer and Ernesto Thielemans

Mue (= moulting) is a site-specific and durational performance, as we bring a water filter to different water ressources over extended time.
Hydrocarbon is used in different industries, yet it is also a water pollutant as it enters natural waters. As hair can obtain hydrocarbon from the water,
our filter consists of collected hair. A collection we add to, as we donate a piece of our hair each time before entering the water; a collaboration between
our bodies and other bodies. The filter is brought into areas polluted with hydrocarbon to obtain the water, afterwhich we defiltrate and depollute.

The performance is durational and unfolds across and together with different bodies of water - mainly lakes and rivers. Along the way, we live in a tent
and the boundary between living and performing blurs. The performance itself is traced back and shown through a video installation together with jars collecting the defiltrated water and a waterfiltration system with plants that can deconstruct hydrocarbon.