Words on [something-that-is-not-supposed-to-be-put-into-words]

publication; 56 seemingly invisible pages  to be ripped open by the reader

A collection of writings on the silence that resists, when words are violent. Containing three essays and several fleeting fragments.
Printed on 56 seemingly silent pages. Reading requires the reader to tear open the pages; a caring or violent act depending on who reads.
An act to reveal words on something carrying that exact same potentiality. Each publication carrying the touch of both the writer and the reader,
when the teared open pages become a mediation between the two.

Words on [something-that-is-not-supposed-to-be-put-into-words] is the body of words written together with the installation
All tongues are moving, but we don‘t hear them all. Together they form an artistic research project exploring silence as a tool for resistance,
when language unavoidably marginalizes and politicizes.